May 6th, 2017 | The Remains of the Day

Saturday. Sunny with cloud. 33 degrees.

Mum and Dad enjoy some Coldstone Icecream at the Kaohsiung Dreammall shopping center yesterday. A final taste of Taiwan’s delights.

8:00 a.m. I took the scooter out and drove to Kaohsiung main station. I will leave it parked there today and tonight when I arrive back in Kaohsing from the Airport I can drive straight home on my scooter instead of catching local public transport to get home.

3:00 p.m. Well I am in what remains of the last day of Mum and Dad’s stay in Taiwan. I have always been worried if they have had a good time and pleasant stay here or not. But I think they have had a good amount of both. We have covered a lot of mini adventures and sights here, although there is much more to see and do. Perhaps next time in the future they may have a chance to do that, but I think it has been fairly satisfactory of an escape for now.

I will back date some days during their stay that I had no time to cover at that moment in time. Adding to that a selection of pics from a deluge of photographs of their experiences here. Hehe. Speaking of photos. I have copied to their new smart phones, that they bought on Thursday, over 100 photos of their Taiwan Time. Dad got a new Asus Zenphone 2 Laser and Mum a Samsung Galaxy J7-6. Both good phones with plenty of capabilities and features to keep them happy for yonkers. And both at much lower prices than they would have been in their mother country of Oz. Next time we Skype I think Mum will use her new Smartphone. Cool.

4:30 p.m. Time to head off to the HRS train station. We took a taxi from home to Kaohsiung HSR in Zuoying district. Had a Starbucks coffee while we waited.

Mum left some surprise gifts for Chia and Alex. She bought Chia a Toystory wooden merry-go-round music box and Alexander a puzzle. They’ll like that!

5:30 p.m. Boarded the Bullet Train and travelled from Zuoying to Taoyuan International Airport. The journey is about 90 minutes at 300 kmph. Whhoooo. This is Mum and Dad’s 3rd ride on the bullet train.

Last meal in Taiwan on the bullet train from Kaohsiung to Taipei.

8:30 p.m. Arrived at the Taoyuan International Airport in good time. We caught the new MRT transfer train from the HSR station to airport terminal No.2. Much easier than using the shuttle bus and only 35NT each.

8:45 p.m. Checked in Mum and Dad’s luggage and after some brief hugs and happy goodbyes watched them disappear through customs and into the future. See you again my loves. 

Mum and Dad before the customs area and departure gates.

  10:05 p.m. Boarded the bullet train back to Kaohsiung. Lucky to get a seat. Tried to get earlier one, but no seats. I had to call Chia to meet met at the Kaohsiung train station because I forgot to bring my scooter keys! Ayyaa. All that careful planning this morning to leave my scooter at the station and return home without trouble and I forget the keys. What a dumbass.

Anyhow I got a quiet window seat on the bullet train back to Kaohsiung. It gave me some time to reflect on the past 2 and a half weeks with Mum and Dad. It seems like a dream now and too quick. But it was a blessing. I will miss them dearly. Good night my darlings. Have a safe journey home.



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