May 26th, 2017

Raiders of the lost ark and Harrison Ford, favorite film and actor.

Friday. Overcast. 28c.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

6:00 am. Up at the crack of dawn yet again thanks to the ever energetic Alexander who was rummaging through his toy box then stopped to look at me as I woke. I spent the night sleeping on the bed with Alexander, my wife was snoring too damn loudly last night. Drives me nutty, so it was a night with the quite one for me. It’s actually quite nice to wake up in a children’s room, with its lovely pastel colors, Star Wars figures and soft toys here and there. Ahh those were the days, no worries, no stress, no work. Just fun from the word go. And that’s how it should be. Then you grow up and things aren’t the same. Pitty.

9:00 am. Had to take Alexander to the Central Post Office with me again this morning. Needed to post an order I received yesterday for electronics Kit No 1. My original Kit creation. It’s good to know people are willing to give it a go. And explore the world of electronics. I love it. Love the handy cash too!

10:00 am. Dropped into Carrefour on the return trip home. Grabbed some milk biscuits for Alexander and some saltine crackers for myself. Ran out of Ensure last night. So today I’ve got to be careful what I eat. I don’t want to expand the stomach again. Never fear fat man I will hold out until tomorrow, after Mia’s class I will duck into my medical supply store in Tainan and pick up another Ensure tin at a dicounted price. And that will mark the beginning of my fourth week living only on Ensure. I can feel the difference, though I havent lost as much weight as I had hoped. Got to do more exercise and burn it off quicker. Three  weeks ago I was hovering around 94Kgs. Today Im around 86kgs. No too bad. Keep on going. I think I can, I think I can …

2:30 p.m. When Alexander took his daily nap I jumped onto the computer and continued working on the manual for  EDGAR. I want to get it online and selling at least a few weeks before Summer break begins. I’m sure there would be kids wanting to build something like a robot over the 2 month summer break. Here’s hoping.

6:00 p.m. Wanted to mention Alexander has learnt some new vocabulary this week and able to identify some objects in both shape and name that include: door, rectangle, clock and cookie, circle, window, square, oval, balloon. His favourite letters are: S, X, E, I, T, A and B.

9:00 p.m. Movie tonight “Alien Covenant”. Pretty much the same as the original movie “Alien”and “Aliens” together. I do like the director Ridley Scott. My favorite movie of his is “Blade Runner” which is having a sequel now made 20 years after the original. Actor Harrison Ford, who has been my favorite actor since Stars Wars and Indiana Jones in 1977 is reprising his role in  Blade Runner II. Ford despite his 70 something age has managed to retain his looks and agility well. I remember in junior high school we had to do a lecture on someone. I had choosen Ford. It will be a dreadful day when the inevitable happens, as I had always wanted to meet him, as well as director Steven Spielberg. I had hoped during my involvement in the film industry I had become successful enough to meet either of them. Alias, to date all three things have not come into fruition. Bugger. But who knows, one can only hope for another opportunity. I’m the forever optimist. 




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