May 30th , 2017 | Artistic Tendencies

Dad painted this Australian outback scene. He’s never painted before. Not bad. So I hung it on our hallway wall.

Tuesday. 27°c. Kaohsiung. Taiwan.
6:35 a.m. It’s been raining randomly over the past few days. This morning is no exception. It’s also been a very long and relaxing weekend due to the ‘Dragon Boat festival’. Tomorrow back to work and better still it’s my 2nd last payday. Be finally able to catch up on a couple of phone and internet bills and health insurance. I will also stock up on Ensure. And lastly go and pick up my printer from the repair shop. On Saturday it stopped functioning correctly, so my electronic orders could not be printed. Damn. So had no choice to get it repaired. But of course it happened over a long weekend … and well its a waiting game now.

On Sunday during my Skype session with Mum I learnt that dad had gone out on a boating expedition with friends from ‘The Men’s Shed’. A small organization that offers men a place to teach and learn different skills. My dad has discovered he is not a bad painter among other things, taking a few art classes. But on Sunday they had built a boat and took it out for trial runs. Cool.

3:00p.m. Phone call from the printer repair shop. It’s been fixed and at no charge. Quickly went to pick it up. Works as good as new. Great!

9:00 p.m. Finally finished the 3D designing work for EDGAR. Now I can start adding assembly diagrams to the Instructions book. I will also start designing the packaging over the next week. Hopefully everything will be ready for sale before mid June, just before summer break begins. Let’s see.


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