June 28th, 2017

Tainan. Taiwan. Wednesday.1:45 p.m. Hot. It's hot day. 32°c. Anything above 25°c is hot for me. Maybe not for some, but it is for me. Laying in my classroom on my foldup mat. 2nd last day before the end of this job. At least my final pay will be reasonable. But I'll need to stretch … Continue reading June 28th, 2017


June 26th, 2017 | Last Days

Kaohsiung. Taiwan. Monday. 29°c. (32°c expected by 3p.m.) Today marks the last week of school before the summer vacation period begins. It's also the last week of my own schools existance. On Friday it closes permanently. So I'm sure this will be a strange feeling week as I expect to say goodbye to the majority … Continue reading June 26th, 2017 | Last Days