June 22, 2017 | Lost in Spaces

EDGARs instruction manual finally finished.

Lost, I was lost. I couldn’t believe how a simple exit at a gas station on my way to work could have turned into a one hour state of dismay and confusion.

I set off to work on Wednesday as happy as larry. I had just finished printing out my slaved over instruction manual for EDGAR. I was heading off early so I could proof it during break time at work. But instead after filling up my scooter with fuel I took a small exit back to the main road and drove on expecting to meet the main road to Tainan. But things became odd very fast. I suddenly realized I didn’t recognize the buildings or roads. What? Had I passed the intersection so quickly and gone a bit further than I should have? I stopped and made a uturn back up the road I had travelled along. Somehow I never got back to that petrol station . What the hell, where am I now?I was starting to panic. I’m going to be late for work. I Couldn’t see a single recognizable building, landmark or road. I stopped and tried to get a location on my GPS. However it had became slow and virtually impossible to use under the brightness and heat of the midday sun. I drove around a bit more. Nope, nothing. After 30 minutes I had to stop and regain my senses. I sent a message to my boss that I would be late. I received a reply to say no problem, take care. That got the stress away to enable me to think cleary.

Then it came to me. That darn sun that had started to overheat and annoy me was going to help me. I knew that at this time of day a shaddow falling behind me meant I was heading north. So that’s what I did.Tainan was north, that much I new. So I navigated the shaddows. After about another 30 minutes suddenly I saw familiar buildings rise up. Horray! And soon I was back on the road to Tainan. OMG. Till now I can’t understand how I got so lost so quickly. It was like someone had picked me up and dropped me down in a totally different city. That’s the last time I stop for petrol at that place!


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