June 24th, 2016

Saturday. Sunny.

Kaohsiung. Taiwan.

Nelly Bly. Amazing human being.

7:30 a.m. Another Saturday, thought I’m not complaining. Love Saturday. Love everyday. Because it’s another day on Earth. As long as you have reasonable health and comfort, everyday is a good day. Alexander of course is oblivious to the reasoning but everyday is a great day for him. He was up earlier than me tottering around in his room until he decided I had slept enough and started banging a lid and can together like cymbals. Ok I’m up. Milk time.

I am surprisingly alert today. I say that because I stayed up late last night finalizing the packaging for EDGAR. And very content with what I’ve achieved. With the 1st Unit packed for sale I just have to make some minor adjustments to the instructions manual. Mostly typographical errors. I’ll fix those up tonight after I get back from Mias class in Tainan. Then I have no class with her for 3 weeks as school goes on break and they go on vacation. So lucky!

July may be a bit tight financially this year, as I only have a few students at the moment who will continue studies throughout the summer vacation period. And no school classes because of the shuttering of my school.  So I’m really hoping to get EDGAR sales to help pick things up. Got a lot of faith tied up with this mechanical creature.

Tonight I watched a movie about the story of Nelly Bly, real name Elizabeth Cochran. I had no idea this was a true story and it continues to amaze me that no matter how long we live or how much we think we know, we infact no very little and it would take  1000 lifetimes to even scratch the surface. Anyhow Nelly was quite a brave and amazing women young woman. She was an American journalist in the 18th century who faked insanity so she could write investigative journalism into the mistreatment of women in a notorious mental hospital (prison) called Blackwells, risking insanity and death herself. She was held there until fortunately friends on outside managed to get a judge to agree to have her removed into private care. It was then she told her story to a grand jury and soon police raided the hospital and authorities raized it to the ground. So, one person with enough bravey and steadfastness can change the world for the better. Thank goodness for them.


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