June 28th, 2017

Anli, Peggy and Kelly. Fairwell my dears.

Tainan. Taiwan.

Wednesday.1:45 p.m.

Hot. It’s hot day. 32°c. Anything above 25°c is hot for me. Maybe not for some, but it is for me.

Laying in my classroom on my foldup mat. 2nd last day before the end of this job. At least my final pay will be reasonable. But I’ll need to stretch it out until August when all my private homeclasses begin. That will be a test.

2:00 p.m. Elementary grade 3. Small class today. A lot of the children have already started with their summer vacation. Most parents seem to take their kids on trips to Japan. I understand why because Japan is clean, very interesting and has some great beautiful sights and also good theme parks like Disney and Universal. The alternative might be Hong Kong which has Disney as well. But its tainted now by that backward authoritarian bully China. And Taiwanese dislike China. So Japan is Taiwan’s destination of fun, beauty and friendship.

Anyhow 3 students today. Anli, who I have the blessing of continuing to educate privately starting next week then Peggy, who would have been a great student to continue private but I think her parents can’t afford it and little Kelly who only just started a few months ago but unfortunately will need to find another school next week.

4:00 p.m. Anli 1 on 1 class. English class as normal with Anli. I am really happy she is doing so well in her studies. I first started teaching her when she was in Kindergarten. She always seemed to be the one behind others and very introverted. So I put a lot of focus on her and developed her confidence and treated her somewhat like a daughter. And it has worked. She is now confident in learning, reading, writing and speaking. And a great artist! I like it when there is a success story with students. 

5:30 p.m. Got word that my last class with Murphy is cancelled. Gone on vacation. Thankfully though I will see him again in August for private tution. He’s another good kid somewhat like Anli but much older. He has an incredible love for Greek mythology and runs circles around me with his knowledge. He’ll be a very interesting man in the future I have no doubt.

6:00 p.m. After cleaning the classroom and packing some things up I headed home. Had the sun all the way back to Kaohsiung. Nice.


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