10th July, 2017 | Another Day the Earth Stood Still

2:30 p.m. I am writing this from a hospital gurney, waiting to be transferred to a hospital closer to home. 

At about 145pm I was traveling to Tainan for my class with Anli. I was going to give her a free electronics lesson after her English class.  As I promised her I would last week. Unfortunately it wont be happening today. Maybe next time. Anyhow half way there some old guy on another scooter pulled out in front of me from a store without bothering to look. Which is rather typical of older people who drive here. I braked as quickly as possible but it simply was too late. My helmet struck the ground and I lay beside my scooter. It’s engine still rumbling. I sat it a daze and felt pain in my left arm. I looked down to see my left wrist looking injured. Out of place. The pain almost knocked me out, but I fought it. There was no way I would allow myself to pass out. So slowly I stood with the assistance of some bystanders. And sat slowly down in the shade.  I started to get extremely dizzy and lost energy. I had to lay back on the pavement to get my bearings. All the time a dozen onlookers asking me if I was okay. And the old man who hit me looking rather worried. They asked me if I wanted  an ambulance. At first I wasn’t sure. I guess still a little in shock. I thought about Anli and looked at my injured wrist. Perhaps it wasn’t that bad. I might be able to just get up and continue my journey. But when I tried to stand a great weight of disorientation almost knocked me out. I rested back on the footpath. No, I couldnt teach Anli today. This situation was more serious than I realized. I lay back on the pavement and nodded when one of the onlookers assisting me asked about an ambulance. I nodded yes, yes.

One of the onlookers pushed my scooter and parked it beside a store. Got my bag and gave it to me. Thankyou, whoever you were.

An ambulance arrived about 5 minutes later. They checked thoroughly and then loaded me into the vehicle. Off I went to the nearest hospital. Which wasn’t near at all. In the sticks as you would say. Oh brother. It was an interesting ambulance ride. I sat upright on the gurney, looking toward the back door windows. All I could see was a winding road past rice fields, around country road cormers, over some bumpy rainworn farm roads and then suddenly out of nowhere a massive hospital appeared. That was weird.

4:34 p.m. Was.just discharged so I can transfer to a hospital close to home. It cost 720NT. I had 800. Uh.oh. i dont have enough on me for anything else.

No money to go further. No ATM card. I never use it. Always pay cash. I was in a pickle. I will bave to wait for Chia to come and get me. That will be sometime tonight. So I waited in the ER.

6:30 p.m. Chia arrived at Emergency and paid the outstanding hospital fee. I was very glad to see her and hear her voice again. We caught a taxi back to Nanzi MRT station and then took the MRT to Sanduo station which was close to Kaohsiung Skytower. Second tallest building in Taiwan.

7: 30 p.m. Stopped at a convenience store to get some tea eggs and custard roll. Boy was I hungry.

7:45 p.m. Admitted to Yuan General Hospital. The same hospital my mother in law spent time at during chemo.

8:20 p.m. X-Rays again. Apparently the ones done at the 1st hospital were unviewable. Payed $200 for unviewable. Hmm. Anyhow this hospital did chest xrays as well as my broken wrist. Sorry fractured wrist. I will need surgery and have to stay maybe 2 days before discharged I guess. What kind of surgery for a fractured wrist? I have no idea. 1st time for everything right.

They will replace my left wrist with a metallic implant tomorrow morning. I am the man of steel!

9:10 p.m. Now waiting for an available bed. After talking to doctor about the xrays it seems a fracture straight through the wrist bone. I need to have a metal implant wrist tomorrow. My god. I am becoming a real robot! Ha.Well on the way to being a cyborg I suppose. Cool! Metal detectors beware!

9:25 p.m. Chia has gone to get 2 cans of liquid ensure while I wait for a bed. 

9:40 After giving me the ensure Chia had to go home and put Alex to bed She will bring my own ensure powder back and a charger for my phone tomorrow. That’s all I need. 

But what I didn’t need is to hear I cant use my new cyborg hand for about 6 weeks! Damn that means no more scooter or bicycle. Looks like I have to return to using the train and walking again. Well at least it will help to reduce my weight. There is good in bad.

I do a special report tomorrow. If I am able. Surgery will be most likely be tomorrow afternoon. And I will more than likely not functional enough to record my journal. So see you Wednesday I guess.


11:50 p.m. No, not good night. Nurse just told me no drink or food. Must be operating in morning before lunch.

12:05 a.m. Doctor marked my left arm with the letter H and an arrow pointing toward my wrist. I guess that is code for the surgeon not not replace the wrong wrist!


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