July 13th, 2017 | Paulo

Myself and best friend Paulo at the Meimen Kungfu academy in Taipei, 2012.

8:00 a.m. Woke up in the cloud like comfort of my bed. Thanks to mum and dad who came to visit a few months ago we have a very comfortable bed. Mum had bought a memory foam mattress to sleep on while she was here, due to her own bone problems. She gave the memory foam mattress to us as a departing gift.And has severed its purpose well since, especially last night after having to endure two days in those unkind hospital beds.

Chia slept with Alexander last night and will probably do so for a while, until my wrist repair has healed. Right now I need space to lay my bandaged arm without inference.

10:00 a.m. While Alexander roamed the house watching TV to dragging toys across the floor I finished rather slowly packaging a kit. I sold out of kits yesterday and have no more ready. So its going to be a couple of frustrating days ahead trying to package up a few for future orders. It is incredible how limited you become in trying to do simple tasks with just one functional hand. Let alone try to pack an electronics kit. So I will just have to endure at a slow pace to get at least a few kits ready.

Last night I walked to Carrefour and bought a foot scooter. I cant use my motor scooter now for at least 6 weeks. I can’t use a bicycle. So my only alternative means of transport is a foot scooter, although that is a bit tricky driving with one hand. But its quicker than walking. If I dont try to use it I wont be able to make any of my private classes. And that would be a disaster. So Ive got to do it. The hospital bill drained my reserve funds, so until I can recover fully and be able to cover a large working area I’ll be in trouble if I cant make the few classes I have at the moment. This is the peril of living somewhere without that social security net in place that many in other countries take for granted. So I must be careful.

I also think by the time I can go and collect my motor scooter that it may be stripped down. I hope not. But it is a possibility I need to expect. Ive often seen scooters abandoned on the roadside one day, a few days later you pass them and the mechanical vultures have started. Eventually in about 2 weeks there is nothing left but a metal frame with some writing or bits and pieces dangling from it, like an animal carcass plundered by other animals. So we shall see what remains of mine in a few weeks. If I am lucky my seat will still be locked down with my helmet and raincoat intact. Although I cant remember what condition the helmet was in after the crash. It maybe no good. We shall see.

9:30 p.m. An old friend I made while living in Taipei many years ago caught up with me online tonight for a brief chat. His name is Paulo who is from Portugal. I met Paulo for the 1st time when I was hiring for an English language teacher at a school I was running in Taipei during 2011. I liked Paulo instantly and we got along well. He introduced me to a Kungfu group called Meimen and for a few years after that we learnt at the kungfu school together. We had a lot of fun times together. Eventually I moved to Kaohsiung and Paulo returned to Portugal and our adventures came to an end. Paulo recently learned of my scooter accident and hospitalization and sent his best wishes for a speedy recovery. However he also revealed that he had been in a similar life and death situation. Early this year he was diagnosed with a brain tumor which had caused him loss of memory among other things. I had no idea he had suffered this until now. It was a shock to hear about. However thankfully he had it removed and his health has returned. This year he will be returning to Taiwan. So my dear brother and I shall enjoy the offerings of Taiwan together one more time. It shall be a great new adventure to look forward to indeed.


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