July 24th, 2017

29°c. Monday. Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

An old west themed bar I went to last night before going to see the movie Dunkurt.

730 a.m. Babysit Alexander. Mostly stayed in his  bedroom which is air conditioned thankfully. It’s starting out to be a muggy day I think.

12:00 Set off to the train station on my motorscooter but very slowly. I have my kick scooter with me, folded up. I will use that to get around Tainan.

1245 p.m. Boarded the MRT at Kaohsiung station. I parked my motorscooter outside the electronic store and kick scooted about 200 meters to the MRT. I’ve spent considerable money at the electronic store, so I’m getting myself some free parking.

1:06 p.m. Caught an Express train to Tainan. I’m liking this easier, aircondioned travelling to Tainan. Using the combination of motorscooter, kick scooter and train I should be able to keep travelling expenses to a minimum and have a more pleasant journey.

My only issue this week is of course my arm. Its aching. Not too bad but enough to have me adjusting my arm position every couple of minutes. It’s feeling heavier. And sometimes it feels like a can sense the steel shifting or moving inside. But there is no pain. It just feels unusual. I hope on Wednesday when I return to the hospital for checkup they can xray it so I can see what is going on inside. 

1:30 p.m. Arrived in Tainan to discover that it has been raining here. At the moment its that super fine drizzle. So I waited it out strolling througg some arcades on Tainan’s computer street. Like Kaohsiung Tainan has a computer street near the train station. Although it isn’t as extensive as Kaohsiung computer street. And I haven’t found a component store here. If there is it can’t be too big.

2:06 p.m. The drizzle stopped and I was on my way. Before Anli’s fathers dental clinic there is a corner 7-11 convenience store. I usually will stop by that store and grab a cold Cafe Mocha 300ml carton drink and 1 tea egg to keep me going until I return home. That’s usually good enough.

2:30 Anli’s private class. Discussion today was about places you can go and places you’ve been. Anli also gave me a packet of Gummy Bears and a tube of Vitamin C that her mother brought back from Germany. Love Gummy Bears, who doesn’t?

5:00 p.m. Caught a Limited Express train back to Kaohsiung. Rain clouds are hanging over Tainan. Not sure if it will be raining in Kaohsiung or not.  Hope not!

5:45 p.m. Back in Kaohsiung. Kick scootered to Electronic store, jumped on the motorscooter and put put put put home. 

6:30 p.m. Home again. Nope wasn’t raining here, thank goodness. Another day, another dollar! 


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