July 31st, 2017 | Just another Manic Monday

8:00 a.m. Woke up to discover that Kaohsiung has declared it a Typhoon day off. Which explains why Chia slept in this morning. I had no idea.

8:30 a.m. So I set off early to Tainan for Anli’s class, as it is raining and I must walk to the train station. It would be too difficult to do it on motor scooter or foot scooter with just one hand at the controls and winds. I also need to go to the post office. Last night I received an order for my Kit No.1. Which is great. Sales have almost rolled to a stop since my accident. Althought its good and bad. Good because I have time to heal but Bad because obviously there goes my extra income. anyhow marching on.

9:00 am boarded the MRT only to discover by phone message that Tainan has now declared a typhoon day off. Whihc means Anli’s class had been cancelled. Bugger. So I continued on the MRT anyway and got off at the post office station which is called ‘Formosa Boulevard’.

9:20 am. Arrived at the Central Post office to discover it was closed! due to the Typhoon day off announcement. SUGAR. What to do? Well I trod on a few blocks and headed for the electronics stores. I found my main store was closed too! BUT its competitor that was 3 shops down was open. I’d come all this way so to hell with loyalty. I’m going looking in the competitions store.

11:00 am I actually was able to purchase a few cheap components that I needed. So that lifted the day a bit. I also discovered another electronics components store hidden away in an alley while I walking back toward the post office. It had lots of goodies and no customers. I assume it may actually be a warehousing store. I didn’t have much cash on me so there was no point in getting anything. But I will have to go back another day and check it out a bit more. Because warehousing means cheaper parts but in bulk.

11:30 Took the MRT back to my home station. Started raining again walking back home so I sat down and had some lunch in a convience store.

1:30 pm Arrived home. It was a slow walk waiting for breaks in the rain. The rest of the day was mostly spent going through parts I had bought, playing with Alex and figuring out some ideas for some future projects as the winds and rain beat outside again. Just another manic monday.


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