December 1st, 2017

Kaohsiung Taiwan.


My Goodness. FRiday again and also the 1st day of december. Another year has almost gone. But this year has been a fairly good one, particularly towards the end of it. Hopefully next year things will start booming. I don’t see why not.

Today I need to stay home all day and will not be able to attend my class in Tainan this afternoon because I’m overburdened with bumble bee orders which is great but very tiring and very intensive labor. Next week I’m going to try to get the necessary equipment to produce professional-grade PC board so that I can just insert components, solder and be finished with it.  I bought a mini drill and drill press and etching tank this week. Next week I will get a laser printer and then I can start creating custom prefab circuit boards.

PCB (Printed circuit board) fabrication will be as follows.

(1) I design the circuit on computer.

(2) Print the circuit on special transfer paper using a laser printer. I can fit about 10 circuit boards on one A4 size printout.

(3) Apply the special paper onto a A4 size sheet of copper.

(4) Place the copper sheet into a heating element that will bond the print on the paper to the copper sheet. Removing the paper will leave the print pf the circuit on the copper sheet.

(5) Place the copper sheet into an etching tank for about 45 minutes. The acid in the tank will eat away the copper but leave the printed circuit patterns alone.

(6) Rinse the etched copper sheet and remove the ‘black’ print. Which will reveal the untouched etched out copper circuit underneath.

(7) Cut the copper sheet up into smaller boards.

(8) Solder electronic components onto each individual circuit board and install into Bumble Bee cases.

(9) Finished.

Sounds like a long process. Initially it is. But each etching will produce about 10 finished circuit boards that only require 5 minutes each to solder components onto. Which means I cold produce 10 or more Bumble Bee units per day! And that means being able to offer more for sale and be open to large orders. WHoolly etching tanks batman. Ka-CHIING!

BUT At the moment I have to physically solder on intricate circuits lines ( called traces) that are only .8mm (just over 1/2 a  millimeter) thick onto a piece of board which takes quite a long time and very easy to make mistakes when you go cross-eyed looking at small circuitry, even with my magnification goggles. Today I need to produce 3 Bumble Bees for 1 order alone. With another two over the weekend. I’m already feeling fatigued.

Anyway I will be working all through the night till Saturday morning to complete these orders and then I will head off to the post office at 9 a.m.  Then it’ll be back home to bed for a long sleep before starting the next round.


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