December 7th, 2017: The Next Step

My 1st acid etched circuit board. Hand drawn. But it works. Next step is laser printer for perfect looks.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

10:00 p.m. It has been several days since I was last able to make a journal entry. MOstly because I have been extremely busy, which is good. But no time for anything else. I have been making BUmble Bee units all week. There was a rush of orders for my device, I think mostly due to the up coming Christmas holidays. SO I have had no time for myself.

Tonight after finishing my last order today and sending it off to the United States. (One of many from that country) I was able to sit down and finally chemically etch out my own professional printed Circuit board. And it worked very nicely.  Th etching only took about 10 minutes. Soldering on the components 20 minutes and plugging in the cables 2 minutes. SO all up it is going to take about 1 hour to produce 1 Bumble Bee unit. Before the etching process I had to manually solder on all  the trace circuits. This procedure alone was taking me up to 3 hours of intense soldering and made me very fatigued. SO I have cut down production time exponentially. And am very happy about that

Now I just have to practice fabricating them in a set routine and so I will be able to produce probably up to 20 Bumble Bee units per week. I will see how many I can store up over the next week and that will then give me some spare time to create my new invention that I mentioned a few days ago. The ‘Ghost HUnting’ device that I will call the “EMF Phantom I.”

11:00 pm. After a long grueling week I am going to relax and watch an old TV series I used to enjoy watching many years ago called “The pretender”. About a genius called Jared who escaped from a scientific center that used him to conduct experiments on others. Jared could be anyone he wanted to be within hours of studying that profession, example: a surgeon, fire fighter, pilot, police office etc.  It was a  very interesting television drama show. It also had some great humor, which I enjoy alot.



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