February 9th, 2018

6:00 p.m. About to have dinner before my class with Tom. Will be the last class before the lunar new year. I can’t believe another week has gone. But it’s been productive and that is what counts. Sold four more Bee’s this week, so will have a nice payout next week before the new year break when everything comes to a halt, financially anyway.

Finally was able to have my first class with my new student Angel last night. And she’s going to be a good one I think. Very eager to learn.

Alexander is doing well also. He’s teaching himself new words and skills every day. Very nice.

Nothing really dramatic this week. Thank goodness. Not at least personally. Although society wise Taiwan suffered the drama of a major earthquake in the north eastern area of Hualien . A 6.5 magnitude earthquake threw great apartment builds sideways to 45°. Which is Usual as Taiwan buildings are pretty solid. Though on these particular ones the bottom floors collapsed, raising the possibility that they had some unchecked structural problems. So enquires will unfold and heads will roll.


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