February 20th, 2018

Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Tuesday. Sunny. 24°c.

7:00 a. m. Woke up to a quiet morning. It rather feels like a Sunday. However tomorrow is not Monday but Wednesday when the lunar new year vacation ends. Thank goodness. I have had a few orders to keep me busy, but miss the adventure of setting out travelling and visiting my students. I can understand why those people who win the lottery decide to keep on working. Even with all the money in the world if you can’t do some kind of work to keep you physically and mentally busy boredom will set in extremely fast. Unless you are a complete sloth and lousy being with out excuse. I like to keep busy as my mind gets bored fast if it can’t do something with this biological machine it’s encased in.

2:00 p.m. Alexander has spent the day home with his mum. Over the past two days I developed some forms of conjunctivitis. Probably dust got in my eyes from either the scooter trip down south a few days ago or from doing machining work on the drill press making Bumble Bee’s. I do wear a mask and eye protection so it probably wasn’t caused by that but you never know. So anyway to prevent the infection from spreading I have quarantined myself so Alex doesn’t get it.

So I went out a did some stocking up on electronics while I had some free time.

3:00 p. m. Went to the local eye doctor that Alex went to before. Did a series of tests to rid myself of this annoying eye infection. The eye doctor like most doctors only charge $100 NT which includes medication. Covers hospital or dental visits as well. That’s got to be the most major bonus of living here in Taiwan. Good quality medical services here are “cheap as chips” as my mum would say. As long as you hold a national health insurance card, which I do, luckily. You need to pay a monthly fee of course but it is worth it. I usually get a bill for $745 NT per month for my health insurance card. That gets sent out every three months. I pay it immediately because it’s definitely gold. Without Taiwan health insurance a foreigner like me would most likely need to pay around $2000 NT per visit. That would definitely hurt the wallet. So I’m very grateful and make the most of it.

3:30 p.m. Finally got to see the eye doctor. There was a bit of a wait today. I guess because of a build up of patients from the week-long vacation period. Yes, conjunctivitis. Gave me eye drops with ophthalmic steroids and an outer eye skin ointment containing Betamethasone Sodium Phosphate Topical and Neomycin Topical that I need to use for three days to clear up the infection. although he was more interested in my Chinese name. He said it sounds very official, very good and asked me how I picked it. I answered I googled it many years ago. And everyone laughed. Smart.

5:30 p.m. Had some take out at Family Mart for dinner.

7:00 p.m. Alex room, especially the wardrobe was like a bomb had gone off inside of it. So I spent about two hours removing everything, sorting, putting it back in order and doing a vacuum. Now I’m tired.


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