September, 10th 2016

During a technology conversation with my wife today, who had just purchased a Macbook AIR for her work, we talked about my computing history. And here it is.

1980. TRS – 80 computer Model III

I first came into contact with computers at school when I was 10  years old. I automatically fell in love with them. I used.the school computer in the computer room, spending many hours on it (sometimes skipping class time or during athletics practice or after school). It was a TRS-80. The Radio Shack (Tandy) TRS-80 Model III had a 2.03 Mhz Zilog Z-80 CPU, 4K of RAM, 32K duel floppy disk drives. It had a built in Black and White 12 inch monitor.

TRS-80 Model III

I taught myself a programming language on the TRS-80 called “B.A.S.I.C” an acronym for Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. I took a few computer classes at school. But I had gotten a bit ahead of myself and seemed to know more than the teacher who was conducting the class. So I went back to self study as I was stuck in a little obscure country town without access to higher remedies of computing education.

1982.  VIC-20 Colour Computer

I was spending so much time on the computer at school and getting home late that eventually my mother decided to buy me my first home PC which was a Commodore Vic 20 computer. On this color computer which plugged into any TV set and used an external data cassette recorder to store data, I further developed my Computing and programming skills.



1994.  MacIntosh Performa 550

I purchased my first consumer computer. It was an Apple MacIntosh Performa 550.  It was vastly different from my aging ViC-20 that had been gathering dust for a few years by now. It was on this machine that I first connected online to the internet, which was still in it’s early stages and the modem speed was only 14 kbs.

Macintosh Performa 550

I loved using this new style of computer. But after a while I found myself limited to what accessories and software and hardware I could buy for it. This was also the first computer I used that had a graphical user interface. Before this I had to use the command line.

1997.  Compaq Presario 4122

Eventually I got fed up with the limitations of my Macintosh 550 and ditched it for what I considered to be a ‘real PC’ and bought a Compaq Presario 4122 desktop Computer running Microsoft Windows 98.

Compaq Presario 4122 desktop PC

My new Compaq Presario machine could do a lot more and access a lot more devices than my former Mac could. I was very happy to switch over. I wrote a lot of movie scripts on this computer as well as creating websites, photo editing and some multimedia designing.

2001.  HP Pavilion 8750

In 2001 I had to move back home. I was a bit down and out of luck with finding work. I had to sell almost everything I had including my faithful Compaq Presario. All I could do was take out the hard drive and take it with me. My mother was lovely and kind enough to set me up with a new desktop computer to get me back on my feet and allow me to continue my writing and computing efforts. It was a HP Pavilion with a Pentium II 850 Mhz CPU, 128 MB of RAM and a 20 GB Hard Drive. It came with Windows 98. Which was great because I could access all my data on my old hard drive from the Compaq.

HP Pavilion 8750 Desktop PC.


2003 ~ Onwards DIY PC’s.

In 2003 I was working as a Radio Producer and announcer at a local radio station. It was here I met a lovely gentlemen named Bill Vanderwerff, the radio stations technician. He introduced me to DIY computing and showed me how to build my very own PC to what I wanted. This man was my computer savior. Love you Bill!!!

Me and my good friend and PC Guru Bill Vanderwerff.
Our last time together in 2008 during a visit to Australia.I had started living in Taiwan in 2005.

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