Me! Dressed like a girl. Why? I entered a competition in the Sea Scouts to earn a merit badge. We all had to dress and act like a girl. But I didn’t win the competition because they mistook me for a REAL GIRL! As they couldn’t retract the 1st prize from the original winner I was given a supplementary badge for crafts or something. This photo was taken at our first house in Denbeigh Street, Cairns, North Queensland, Australia. 


Modern Dance Class Performance. Innisfail Town Hall, Queensland, Australia. Each performers mother had to make the costumes. So my mother had to make 1 for me and 1 for my sister who is in the center of this photo.


trevors wedding
March 1986. My Uncles wedding. (Mum, Aunt Marilyn, Me, Aunt Kim, Uncle Trevor, Grandmother Alice, Sister Eletha, Sister Wendy).


Mum and my second younger sister Wendy.